About Dental Dash

Dental Dash began as an internal project of an emerging Dental Service Organization, Shasta Dental Services, focused on using machine learning to generate better task and patient lists than were available within Open Dental or from existing analytics add-on software vendors.

Today Dental Dash's core product, Smart Tasks, is an evolution of the original project and is available as a cloud service.  In addition to Smart Tasks, Dental Dash publishes articles and how-to-guides about dental data science and analytics; maintains Practice Intelligence, a dental-specific version of the open source analytics software Apache Superset; and conducts machine-learning research furthering the state-of-the-art in actionable data science for the dental industry.

Our Customers

Dental Dash is focused on serving emerging DSOs and groups facing challenging operating conditions.  Dental Dash also provides services to independent practices directly and through our affiliate and partner networks.

Our Mission

Dental Dash uses technology to help Office Managers and Front Office Staff simplify their work and provide better and more personalized service to their dental practice's patients.  We provide this help with the aim of helping practice owners create environments with happy patients, happy teams, and healthy businesses.

Our Mission at Dental Dash
We exist as an organization to support Office Managers and the Front Office Teams that are the heart and lungs of every dental practice and group in the country... by providing simple recommendations, like the arrow on a compass, we can unlock hidden value

Our Team

Our core team is veteran-led, mission-driven, and centered around data science and data engineering teams.  We are grateful to have advisors with experience in machine learning, software, and of course the dental industry.  We could not continue our mission without the support of our early-stage investors and sponsoring partners.  If you are interested in joining our team as an engineer, advisor, or investor please contact us below👇.

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