Intelligence Tools for Practices and Groups

Intelligence Tools for Practices and Groups
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Dental Dash develops and maintains tools for decision makers in dental practics, groups/DSOs, and other participants in the dental industry like suppliers and M&A participants.

Dental Map

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Dental Dash compiles data from the NPI database and enriches it with other publicly available sources to provide the dental industry and investment professionals with up-to-date geospatial intelligence on the state of the industry.

Practice Intelligence

Open Source Business Intelligence Charts and Dashboards powered by Apache Superset and/or Metabase.

Dental Dash believes in democratizing data.  That means that it needs to be available, of course; but, more importantly, data needs to be easily accessible to decision-makers at all levels of an organization - particularly frontline workers.  This means that per-employee/per-month pricing models for data intelligence are out of the question for most dental practices - we know practice owners are not going to pay for every dental assistant to have access to a dashboard that they are unlikely to ever use.

While Dental Dash Smart Tasks is designed specifically for frontline workers, we don't think that there should be a data divide creating have's and have-not's.  To enable access to all staff members across the practice or across a DSO enterprise, Dental Dash sees free open-source software as the best solution for most organizations.

AGPL License: The open source software license for Metabase prevents Dental Dash from directly distributing Metabase software to third-parties. Dental Dash enables practice intelligence through our how-to content and professional services. Subscribe for free to access Metabase related how-to guides.