Dental Dash Benefits

dashboard of dental data

Increases Doctor Production

With last minute cancellations, you not only lose production, you have idle staff. Dental Dash automatically shows a list of patients scheduled within the next two weeks who are also in close proximity to the office.

In seconds, the Dental Dash software plugin tells the front office who to call and move up. With that type of automation, you don’t worry whether your front office is working to fill the opening, because Dental Dash is on it before they are. Patients feel cared for, and see you as organized and efficient.

Increases Hygiene Production

Dental Dash makes your hygienist look more professional. By checking the day’s hygiene patients for eligible services to complete that day, it eliminates searching the transaction history to see who’s due for x-rays, exam, fluoride, or sealants.

Production goes up because patients feel more confident to schedule treatment when the hygienist is well-informed. Dental Dash shows diagnosed treatment and reminds your hygienist to talk about it, helping the patient feel ready to schedule.

Verifies Insurance for You

Fast insurance verification. The best dental software should be able to automate this otherwise time-consuming task. Dental Dash automatically verifies insurance in real time, saving hours of front office time and loads of frustration.

Dental Dash pre-authorizes treatment and manages the outstanding pre-auths that haven’t scheduled yet.

No more awkward hand-offs to a front office who are all stuck on the phone. Your practice is more pleasant to do business with when patients get attention and answers immediately. Not only will patients love the faster service, they’ll also see your staff as experts they can rely on.

Keeps Patient Lists Current

Dental Dash auto-populates the patient lists you need. So you’re always up-to-date with your recall lists for:

Recare appointments.
Pending but unscheduled treatment.
The previous day’s unscheduled patients.

Here’s what offices using Dental Dash have to say...

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It's hard to see where you are when you're in the weeds working. It gives you perspective.
Dr. John K
Dentist/Dental Practice Owner
My entire team sees where they can improve and have a direct impact on production which ultimately means helping more patients get the care they need.
Alex T.
Dentist Office Manager
For me it’s all about peace of mind and I see right here that I can grow if we just implement some of these.
Dr. John K
Dentist/Dentist Practice Owner