A.I. Smart Tasks

Dental Dash Smart Tasks are Human-in-the-Loop Automations, aka recommendations, for workflow tasks that are prioritized based on their value to the dental office.

Improve Process to Boost Productivity

How can you influence behavior of hundreds of staff members quickly?

Dental Dash machine learning is built on decision intelligence, the idea that analytics is useless if not paired with behavioral and managerial sciences to create real world improvements in outcomes.

Dental Dash "down-skills" tasks to make them quick and easy for staff and then gives managers tools to use positive psychology to encourage and motivate staff based on where they are improving.  Dental Dash principally focuses on four pillars of daily tasks:

  • Recall
  • Reactivation
  • Billing Follow-up
  • Collections
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A Simple Tool with Powerful Results

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Simple & Easy

A.I. Smart Tasks are generated to be simple instructions using multiple behavioral and financial algorithms for each task.

That Enables Your Staff to:

  • Quickly complete small tasks that add up to real results
  • transition from reception to billing to scheduling seamlessly

Motivate Your Team & Celebrate Small Wins


Recall and other chores are never ending.  Analytics tools typically result in practice owners giving negative feedback to staff to highlight where the office is weak.

Kudos enable your office manager to celebrate where the team is improving the practice.  Prospect Theory and positive psychology provide the scientific basis for this practice of frequently celebrating small wins and reinforcing behavioral change.

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Enabling Front Office Success

We are here for your front office staff

Our focus at Dental Dash is improving your office managers' and staff members' days, everyday by simplifying their workflows and helping them stay ahead of the curve with prioritized easy-to-complete tasks.

To do that our product engineering and customer success teams work to stay informed on what is going well and what needs to improve in each supported dental office

  • Getting to know the front office's challenges and prioritizing where they need the most help
  • Keeping practice owners informed on the progress the staff are making
  • Working closely with internal and MSP IT teams to ensure that data sync is happening securely and is not interfering with clinical operations
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