Dental Dash Simplifies Your Day.

Learn how our dental practice management plugin makes managing your business easier.

Why Dental Dash?

Dental Dash plugs in machine learning to your current dental practice management software. It removes the guesswork around which daily tasks are the highest priority.

Dental Software that Reduces Staff Stress

In healthcare, nearly all dissatisfied patients are upset about something other than the treatment they received. Your staff effectiveness is absolutely critical for positive patient experiences. Dental Dash helps your staff by:

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illustration of business team with thumbs up symbols - approving dental software programs for team processes

Dentistry AI Increases Revenue

Great patient experiences translate to more 5 star reviews, more new patient referrals, and increases profitability.

Losing revenue from missed appointments negatively affects your bottom line. Dental Dash uses machine learning to give you:

Integrated Dental Systems Get You Paid Faster

Dental Dash keeps a continuously updated report of all outstanding accounts receivable. Dental Dash uses machine learning to:

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illustration of people completing tasks on computers with oversized credit cards - dental practice management & dental billing

Dental Office Management Tools that Are Affordable

You know how much practice management software costs. You know how much practice consulting costs. So you might be surprised to hear that the Dental Dash AI plugin:

Frequently asked questions

How can Dental Dash help my practice?

Dental Dash is a simple, yet advanced, web-based tool designed to be your “magic clipboard.”

Using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Dental Dash takes dental office business best practices and makes simple lists of actions that will make the most meaningful impact on your patients as well as the practice’s overall health.

It’s as if you paid an expensive dental consultant to come in over night and create a list on a clipboard for the team to execute on the next day… focused, meaningful, lists of actions, day after day, with no time off and no interruptions!

How do I get started with Dental Dash?

The best way to get started with Dental Dash is to schedule a call with our team. They will answer any questions and make sure Dental Dash is a good fit for your practice.

What resources does Dental Dash offer?

Dental Dash offers expert help to dental professionals and their teams in the form of the Dental Dash tool as well as tools for larger groups through enterprise custom built solutions. Schedule a call with our team and we’ll make sure you are cared for.

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