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Save Time with Smart Tasks

Dental Dash is dental intelligence software that interprets all of your practice data…
then gives you the only thing you really want out of it all–

Increase productivity

Dental Dash is an AI platform for dentistry that’s actually decision intelligence. This time- and money-saving dental software figures out what action needs to be taken next in order for every patient to:

illustration of people and stopwatch - dental business intelligence helping save time
dental office manager talking on headset - dental practice ai for scheduling

Create Exceptional Customer Experiences

Over 58% of consumers in a recent Hubspot survey indicated that when choosing a brand, it’s very important that the brand makes them feel:

Your dental practice is your brand. To grow a healthy practice, you must create a patient experience that makes your patients feel valued, appreciated, and understood.

Avoid Easy Mistakes

Can you say that your customer service is always excellent? Can you guarantee that no patient ever slips through the cracks by:

computer with oops written on it - dental analytics reduces errors
man hurdling barriers saying "patient," "procedure," "payor," "payment" - dental office management software

Identify Your Most Valuable Customers

Dental Dash AI software looks at the 4 P’s, analyzes all the data available, and provides daily tasks to create the perfect mix of front office service and back office treatment. The four P’s are:

Dental Dash is the best dental software plugin because it empowers your staff to deliver excellent customer service, making your patients feel valued and understood. And it gives your staff the tools to take action where it’s most needed to create more valuable patients.

Dental AI tools to help your staff take action

Whether you’re a single doctor office just starting out, an established practice with more than one location, or a DSO, we have a solution for you.

Dental Dash Software Features

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