A.I. Smart Tasks Boosting Dental Office Profitability

Make it easy for your front office to knock out recall, reactivation, billilng, and collection chores with Smart Tasks and know how to reward their hard work with Kudos

Simple & Effective

Motivate Your Staff to Tackle Recall & Billing Chores

Let's face it, no one likes doing recall or following up on billing and patient collections.  Dental Dash makes it easy for dental office staff to get credit for the thankless jobs in the office that often get ignored.

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Our Features

Smart Task Focus Areas


Recall recommendations are based on analysis which patients will show and which will improve the performance of the practice


Reactivation task recommendations are driven by patient life-time value


Keep track of patient balances and call on unpaid accounts throughout the week


Billing tasks start before the patient ever walks in the door.  These recommendations help improve the entire billing cycle

How It Works

Baby Steps, Staff Just Complete 10 Tasks a Day

Office Managers and front office staff are busy and juggling multiple patients, phone calls, and other tasks.  Dental Dash Smart Tasks recommend simple tasks that can be completed in a few minutes to staff members and prompts them to complete just 10 priority tasks a day.  It's that easy.

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Boost Dental Office Profitability

Smart Tasks

Empower your front office to get more done with less work with A.I. task recommendations for recall, reactivation, billing, collections, and more!


Cloud Analytics

Dental Dash paid customers receive practice performance BI dashboards and predictive analytics for FREE!

Included w/ Paid Plans

Open Analytics

Open Analytics by Dental Dash is free and open source analytics software for the dental industry

Free & Open Source

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